July Updates

Our Summer Evening Programme has got off to a fantastic start. Our first outdoor meeting was in the beautiful town of Dollar. Many of us met up armed with cameras and enjoyed a pleasant evening stroll through the streets, along the banks of the river Devon and up into the Glen.  Beautiful images of historic buildings, woodland flora and even striking looking park benches were taken. The following week saw us in South Queensferry where we had an opportunity to photograph the iconic Bridges and take in the wonderful views of the Firth of Forth. The weather forecast had not been promising, however, towards the end of the evening the clouds lifted and the light was stunning giving rise to some fantastic late evening shots with a dramatic sky. The ancient cobbled streets of Culross saw a group of us enjoying the stunning views across the rooftops and down onto the shore. A fantastic outing with a camera to take atmospheric shots of times gone by and then a walk along the shoreline for a few seascapes.

Towards the end of last month we had the opportunity to share our images with each other at a Zoom meeting. Shots taken at our recent meet ups and from the two set topics which are set each month were submitted by members and then shown at our zoom meeting. Recently our set topics were Bokeh and Animals. It was really great to see the images we had all taken and have a good chat about them. Such a great way to pick up tips and advice on how to improve our shots.

 If you would like to learn more about our camera club and our Summer evening meet ups and even becoming a member please get in touch by email to our secretary


This month’s photograph was taken by Duncan Robertson on our recent  meet up at South Queensferry :   ‘Two Bridges’

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