Club resources

You can download a PDF guide to Optical Centring of window mounts here: Optical Centring PDF

Other clubs

Royal Photographic Society
The Royal Photographic Society was founded in 1853 to promote the Art and Science of Photography

Scottish Photographic Federation

Kinross and surrounding area

Kinross Community Council

Photographer’s Work

Fortune Photography
Galleries of Gordon Fortune and Hilary Greer

The Wee Pixel
Images by Julie Close


Digital photo printing via the internet.

The Art Centre, Kelty 
10% discount on mounts cut in store. Mention Kinross Camera Club when purchasing.

Formatt-Hitech Filters 
Leading manufacturer of filters.

Wex Photographic
Major online retailer of photographic products.

Speed Graphic
Photographic accessory supplier. They don’t sell camera bodies but do stock every other gadget you’ll ever need.

ffordes Photographic
Photographic retailer in Beauly which specialises in mail order. Impressive shop in a converted kirk!

Tools, Advice and Software

The Luminous Landscape
Great site on landscape photography. Has many articles on digital techniques as well.

Canon EOS Beginners FAQ

Site with forums and product reviews

Adobe share studio
A wee gem in adobe’s web-site where you can download brushes

DP Review
Where you’ll find all the latest in digital photography and imaging news

SLR Gear – Lens Reviews is dedicated to helping you choose from the wide array of lenses and accessories available from both camera manufacturers and third party lens and accessory makers. Because SLRs are modular
UK Based online photo magazine
Photo news etc but best known for Compact Flash card reviews where he tests each card with a whole range of cameras so you can find what the faster cards are for your own model.

Russell Brown Tips & Techniques for Photoshop

Cleaning Digital Cameras
Details all the methods of dust removal in digital cameras.

Cambridge in Colour
A good source of practical tutorial help. Useful for explaining the terms and techniques that we take for granted and it has good photos of Cambridge as well!

Image Composite Editor (MS Research)
Free programme to ‘stitch’ together a series of shots to make a panorama. It is one of the best I have seen. It links with the (free) software and webiste “Photosynth” to upload (again free) these for zoom & pan viewing to incredible detail.

Photosynth (free to upload Panoramic images)
Pair this up with Microsoft I.C.E. (Image Composite Editor) and upload your Panoramic views to Photosynth’s website to have dynamic 360 pan & highly detailed zoom.

The Geograph Britain and Ireland project aims to collect geographically representative photographs and information for every square kilometre of Great Britain and Ireland.

Photographer’s Resource
From the Home page you can access links to teach yourself photography.

Fotosizer is a free batch photo/image resizer tool. It lets you resize hundreds of photos in a matter of minutes in a quick and easy way.

The Online Photography Tests
Basic and Advanced Tests for Photographers. (and some other links) 2 sets of 25 Multiple Choice questions.

Upload your Photos here

50 incredible Photography Tutorials
Some great tips and techniques here about all kinds of photography