How much does membership cost ?

For 2020-21 with our online syllabus we have reduced membership fees slightly to £40 with a concessionary rate of £35.

Can I just come along to a meeting ?

Absolutely – e-mail us or use the “Contact-Us” link and we’ll get in touch with you with details about how to attend our Zoom meetings.  Within the club season, we meet once a week and you can find out what’s on by looking at the club syllabus on this site.  Visitors can attend three meetings for free before joining.

If you simply want more info or are unsure if the club is for you, feel free to contact us by email or via the website “Contact-Us” link.

What are the members of the club like, would I fit in ?

The club is lucky to have a really good balance of members within our ranks.  We have a good mix of both men and women, the committee this year is 50:50, so it doesn’t feel like it’s a boys club at all.  In terms of ages we also have a broad range of people in their 20s to members in their 60s and beyond.

Club members are interested in a wide variety of photographic subjects.  Within the club, there are members interested in landscapes, travel photography, wildlife, portraiture, flowers and plants, and sports photography.  There are many members experimenting with creative techniques and digital manipulation as well as working on traditional, ‘straightforward’ picture-taking.

Do I need a fancy camera ?

No, not at all.  The club is for all levels of photographer. We have a wide range of members who have a vast range of equipment.  There is a mix of film and digital users.  Within the digital users, some members have compact cameras and produce fantastic prints, competing on a par with those using digital SLR models.  There is a tremendous wealth of knowledge within the club about photographic equipment, and if you’re thinking of buying a new camera, there are plenty of people willing to share their experience and expertise.

Does the club have a social scene ?

This year COVID-19 restricts us from having physical meetings, sadly. In normal years we do meet socially. As well as formal events like the annual dinner, evening, day and weekend trips the club members tend to gather in the pub after a club night.  Feel free to come and have a natter with us.

I’ve looked at the gallery and I don’t think I’m good enough to come to the club ?

The work in the club gallery is typically our members’ best work from over many years they have entered in competition, they all have 100s of other images that are not so good and we’ve found everyone improves over time.  The club runs beginner classes to teach new techniques.  Within the club we have a number of trained judges who can show you how to improve your work in a practical way. The club competitions are divided into sections to let you compete with others at the same level as yourself.

What does the club do in the way of digital photography?

Everyone in the club has been taken aback at how quickly digital has changed the face of photography and it’s something that we have embraced.

Most members now have a digital camera, some using a compact digital although some use digital SLRs.

As well as our normal club nights we also have a separate digital group which meets once a month to share tips and techniques. See the section on the digital group for more information.