Here comes Summer! Our Summer Programme this year will be an exciting combination of Summer Evening meet ups and monthly Zoom meetings too. We will be meeting up at a variety of locations in the area to practice our outdoor photography in small groups. The opportunity to once again safely meet up to take photographs is fantastic. Just having a chat, discussing our photography and sharing tips and advice in person will be wonderful and something we have all missed over the last year. These meet ups are fantastic for beginners and experts alike. The idea is to provide an opportunity to get out and about, take photos and learn from each other and of course to have fun. We live in an absolutely fantastic area which lends itself to a wide variety of locations which provide wonderful photographic opportunities. This means there is a fantastic variety of locations on our meet up list, a few examples being, waterfalls and caves at Alva Glen, the scenic village of Aberdour, The Falkirk Wheel, Elie Harbour, and with some luck hopefully an amazing sunset from the top of East Lomond, plus many more beautiful locations to meet up and take our cameras.

In addition to our summer evening outings we will also have a Zoom meet up every 4 weeks to share our recently taken photographs and have a catch up. To provide some inspiration throughout the Summer there will be two topics set at regular intervals for us to work on. The Summer Programme begins on Thursday 20th May with our first Summer Zoom meeting.  The first two inspirational topics which have been suggested are : ‘Odd Numbers’ and ‘Watercourses’  At our Zoom meetings we can share our interpretations of the two regularly set themes and/or any other images we have taken recently and would like to share with club members.

If you would like further information about joining our friendly little club and joining in our Summer Programme please email our secretary : 

This month’s photograph : ‘Reflections’ by Mags Stewart


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