October update

The last two weeks of our Summer Outing programme saw members climbing to the top of East Lomond anticipating opportunities for some landscape photography and then the following week to Aberdour for some beautiful seascapes. The locations for all of our meet-ups during the last few months have been fantastic and have given us all the chance to catch up with each other in some stunning and diverse places many of which are on our doorstep or not too far away.

Last Thursday we began our new syllabus for the 2021 – 2022 Season with a welcome evening where we enjoyed a slide show featuring the images our members had taken during our outings and images we took inspired by the monthly themes.  We then launched our new syllabus with a run through the new and exciting events the club has in store. A great line up of speakers, competitions and events to look forward to.

During the following weeks we have a talk by Jeanette Lendon on Smartphone Photography, Mick Ryan will present his talk Travelling Into Nature and Antony Zacharias will talk to us about Long Exposure Photography. All of these talks will be presented via Zoom but we do anticipate returning to the Kinross Church Centre as soon as we are able and it is safe to do so.

This month’s photograph ‘Buttercup’ by John St Clair

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