September Update

Our summer Evening meet-ups during the last few weeks have provided opportunities for some fantastic photography. A visit to The Falkirk Wheel to photograph the rotating boat lift connecting the Forth and Clyde Canal with the Union Canal. This is a dramatic landmark being the only rotating boat lift of its kind in the world and on our doorstep. The following week we met up at Alva Glen for more water course photography but of a more natural and rugged kind. The beautiful steep sided gorge and fast flowing water with its dramatic waterfalls is the perfect setting for some natural landscape shots and to practice long exposure techniques. A steep ascent to the upper part leads to a viewpoint overlooking Smuggler’s Cave in the floor of the gorge. A visit to the picturesque village of Falkland lying at the foot of the Lomond Hills provided members with countless photographic opportunities. Falkland is Scotland’s first conservation village and is rich with historic and listed buildings providing fantastic opportunities for architectural photography. Best known as the location of Falkland Palace which provides the best example of French influenced Renaissance architecture in Scotland. The village also has examples of Neo-gothic buildings such as the Bruce fountain in the centre of the village. Many of the buildings have fascinating date and marriage stones or wedding lintels above the doorways which also provide great historical subjects to photograph.

To bring members all together to share our images from the last few weeks we enjoyed another Zoom evening where our photographs are shown as a slideshow. As well as images from our recent meet ups we were given two themes to work with again. This time Macro flower shots and Minimalism. Our Zoom meetings are very popular and well attended giving us a chance to chat about our favourite shots and keep up to date with club news.

 If you would like to learn more about our camera club and  and how to become a member please get in touch by email to our secretary 

This month’s photograph called ‘Evening Meal’ was taken by Doug Carrie

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